Each player is given a “home” area in which they must create a building using cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. When players are in their “home” area, they can use one or more soft balls to try to knock down their opponent’s building. Each player can protect his building by blocking balls thrown by other […]

Target Practice – Baseball

Get a dozen or more tennis or baseballs and put them in a bucket. Make a target about 4 feet off the ground. Here are some ideas for targets: Attach a hula hoop to a fence or tie a helium balloon to a baseball tee. Use your imagination to come up with other fun targets. […]

Milk Container Catch

Start by having your child hold the milk carton glove in her left hand (if she is right handed) with the opening facing upward and have her toss the ball under hand in an arc from her right hand into the carton. Gradually toss the ball higher and higher in the air. Once she is […]

Sock Mania

This is one of the simplest games to play, but a favorite. This is fun for just two players, but is also great for groups. Good outdoors and also good for rainy days when the kids are getting cabin fever. Start close together and toss the sock back and forth. After you are successful close […]