Soft Ball Toss – Baseball

Have your child stand 5 feet away from you and play catch with a tennis ball and no glove. The goal of this drill is to build your child’s confidence. Too many people try to play catch from too far of a distance right away. Starting too far away from each other is counterproductive because […]

Hanging Ball – Baseball

Tie a string on a wiffle ball and hang it from a tree. Sounds simple, but it is really fun and improves eye-hand coordination.

Punch Ball

Attach the string to the ball and hang the ball from a wall, a mobile, or a doorway. Hanging it over the car seat is another fun option. You want the ball to hang within reach of your child’s arms and legs. Your child will love punching, hitting, and kicking the ball and seeing it […]


This is a simple activity to set up. Tie the string to the wiffle ball. Then tie the string to a tree branch in your yard, to something in your garage or to a doorway in your home. The ball should hang a slightly below your child’s waist. Your child can use a tennis or […]