Mini Tennis

Set up a “net” using a rope or ribbon between two chairs or by laying a ladder on its side. Have one person stand on either side of the net and using a racquet hit a balloon or a ball back and forth. Try to see how many times you can make the balloon go […]

Instant Rally Progression

Once you master this game you are going to be ready to play some “real tennis.” I have used a string tied between two chairs, a bench, and even pillows instead of a net. Remember to encourage your child to use the correct grip. Also remind your child to have “happy feet” while they are […]

Four Square

Based on a favorite playground game, this is surely a fun one to play. You definitely don’t need a net or a real tennis court for this game. I often played this with my older son and daughter, so we actually just played with three squares. When we first started playing we allowed for unlimited bounces […]

Hanging Ball – Baseball

Tie a string on a wiffle ball and hang it from a tree. Sounds simple, but it is really fun and improves eye-hand coordination.

Bungee Jump

For little kids using a foam ball works well for this game. The foam ball moves slower and gives your child additional time to do the skill. This will work on your child’s overall body coordination and eye-hand coordination.


This game is good for eye-hand coordination, body control and movement. Any ball works for this activity — slow foam balls work well with little kids and even basketballs work well.

Roll Ball Tennis

This is a fun game that you can play on a tennis court, a yard, or any flat space. A variation to this game is to make 2 goals. You protect one goal and your child protects the other goal. This is a great game to work on eye-hand coordination, footwork and speed.


Another good game that you can play on any flat surface. Try to teach your child to hold the correct grip on their handle.

Punch Ball

Attach the string to the ball and hang the ball from a wall, a mobile, or a doorway. Hanging it over the car seat is another fun option. You want the ball to hang within reach of your child’s arms and legs. Your child will love punching, hitting, and kicking the ball and seeing it […]