Builders and Destroyers

Set up 5-10 cones about 5 feet apart on a flat hard surface. Set up additional cones if you have more kids playing. Split the group into 2 even teams. Or just play one-on-one. One team is the Builders and the other team is the Destroyers. All players have to dribble the ball constantly. While […]

Treasure Chest

Place a basket or a bucket on the ground to be your “treasure chest.” About 20-50 feet away put approximately 5 treasures on the ground (i.e. t-shirts, toys, cones). Have your child start at the “treasure chest.” When you say “Go,” your child should dribble her soccer ball to the treasures, pick up one treasure […]

Protect, Protect, Protect – Soccer

Everyone who is playing the game dribbles a ball within a designated game area. As you are dribbling and protecting your own ball, you need to try to kick someone else’s ball out of the area. If your ball is kicked out of the area then you are out of the game until the next […]

Crab Soccer

Determine a starting line and a finish line about 20 feet apart. The child should begin at the starting line with a ball. The parent should start in the middle in the crab walking position (on their hands and feet, butt up off the ground). The child’s goal is to dribble from the starting line […]