Jumping Rope

Step 1: Happy Feet Jump up and down in place without looking down (no rope) Stay on balls of feet, be light on your feet, bouncy Step 2: Rope Swing Keep hands on your side and swing rope on one side of body Jump when rope hits the ground Step 3: Toe Trap Starting to […]

Pop Fly Fun – Baseball

This is a fun game to work on catching fly balls. Getting your body in the correct position is very important when catching a ball in the outfield. Your child will need to wear a baseball helmet for this game. Start by standing 10 feet away from your child and throw a tennis ball up […]


This is a fun game that you can play indoors or outdoors. When I played this with my daughter, we would pass the koosh ball from her racquet to my racquet as we walked– but since it was just the two of us we would go in a large circle and time ourselves to see […]

Rock’n Baby

Lay on your back on the floor. Lay your baby on your stomach and rock back and forth & side to side. Pop in a CD or sing songs as you rock.

Baby Kick Boxing

Put your baby on her back. Hold her ankles and bend her legs at the knees. Move her legs back and forth like she is running or riding a bike. Then try moving the legs together. Singing a song, even if it is just a repetitive chant, is fun for your baby. If you’re happy […]

Mess for Sure

Sit on the floor with your child or have your child sit in high chair at the table. Fill one of the cups with cereal or gold fish. Demonstrate how you can pour the cereal from one cup to the other cup. Now let your child try. I like to have my son hold one […]

Shoebox Fun

Take a shoebox and cut holes into the top of it. Find some small toys (not choking hazards) that will fit through the holes. Encourage your child to push the toys through the holes. Putting things into and taking things out of a container are popular activities for babies.

Where’s the Cracker?

Sit your child in his highchair. Place the 3 cups on the tray in front of your child. As your child watches, place a cracker underneath one of the cups. Move the cups around so your child has to watch the cups (and where the cracker goes). Let your baby find the cracker and applause […]

Balloon Chaos

A fun activity for inside or outside. Stand about 3 feet away from your child and pass her the balloon. Aim at your child’s chest. Gradually move farther away and make your tosses higher and to the sides – this will force your child to move her feet to catch the balloon.

Balloon Bombs

Tie a balloon to each player’s right leg with a three-foot length of string. You need a lot of space for this game. The goal is to pop the other players’ balloons by stomping on them. A loud and wild good time!