Instant Rally Progression

Once you master this game you are going to be ready to play some “real tennis.” I have used a string tied between two chairs, a bench, and even pillows instead of a net. Remember to encourage your child to use the correct grip. Also remind your child to have “happy feet” while they are […]

Four Square

Based on a favorite playground game, this is surely a fun one to play. You definitely don’t need a net or a real tennis court for this game. I often played this with my older son and daughter, so we actually just played with three squares. When we first started playing we allowed for unlimited bounces […]


This game is good for eye-hand coordination, body control and movement. Any ball works for this activity — slow foam balls work well with little kids and even basketballs work well.

Roll Ball Tennis

This is a fun game that you can play on a tennis court, a yard, or any flat space. A variation to this game is to make 2 goals. You protect one goal and your child protects the other goal. This is a great game to work on eye-hand coordination, footwork and speed.


Another good game that you can play on any flat surface. Try to teach your child to hold the correct grip on their handle.