Mini Tennis

Set up a “net” using a rope or ribbon between two chairs or by laying a ladder on its side. Have one person stand on either side of the net and using a racquet hit a balloon or a ball back and forth. Try to see how many times you can make the balloon go […]

Jumping Rope

Step 1: Happy Feet Jump up and down in place without looking down (no rope) Stay on balls of feet, be light on your feet, bouncy Step 2: Rope Swing Keep hands on your side and swing rope on one side of body Jump when rope hits the ground Step 3: Toe Trap Starting to […]

Trap-Pass – Soccer

Set up about 6-10 feet apart. Pass the ball back and forth between the parent and the child. Each time you receive the ball you should trap it and then pass it. Time yourself for 30 seconds and see how many good passes you can make. Try to make more good passes every time you […]

Protect, Protect, Protect – Soccer

Everyone who is playing the game dribbles a ball within a designated game area. As you are dribbling and protecting your own ball, you need to try to kick someone else’s ball out of the area. If your ball is kicked out of the area then you are out of the game until the next […]

Pop Fly Fun – Baseball

This is a fun game to work on catching fly balls. Getting your body in the correct position is very important when catching a ball in the outfield. Your child will need to wear a baseball helmet for this game. Start by standing 10 feet away from your child and throw a tennis ball up […]


This is a fun game that you can play indoors or outdoors. When I played this with my daughter, we would pass the koosh ball from her racquet to my racquet as we walked– but since it was just the two of us we would go in a large circle and time ourselves to see […]