Juggle Rally

This works on ball control, footwork, and balance. I find this game is not as easy as it looks. I even played a variation of this game when I practiced as a professional tennis player. I would stand about 6 feet from the net and juggle the ball once before hitting a volley back to […]

Trap-Pass – Soccer

Set up about 6-10 feet apart. Pass the ball back and forth between the parent and the child. Each time you receive the ball you should trap it and then pass it. Time yourself for 30 seconds and see how many good passes you can make. Try to make more good passes every time you […]

Follow the Leader – Soccer

Determine an area where you are going to play the game. The grownup “Monster” walks, jogs and runs around the area. The “Monster” should make sharp turns and change her speed which will challenge the child to speed up and change direction while dribbling.