Our First Blog Post!

Our First Blog Post!

Hello and Welcome to Kidz Sports Hub!

I have been thinking deeply for a number of years to determine a way that I could combine my passion for kids sports with a business where I could help people. So, I’d like to introduce you to Kidz Sports Hub. My husband and I have been working hard on the site and we hope that you enjoy it!

Sports, tennis in particular, has played a huge role into molding me into the woman I am today. Over the years, both as a child and an adult, my participation in sports has consistently improved my self-esteem, confidence and body image. Now, as a mother of four children aged 4, 7, 13 and 16, I want my kids and other children to have the opportunity to be exposed to and reap the numerous rewards that regular exercise and sports can provide.

I witness kids today spending countless hours in front of various screens – computers, mobile devices and televisions. This, along with the obesity epidemic that is affecting many of our youth, has fueled our team’s passion to build Kidz Sports Hub.

We are not trying to make my or your kids into professional athletes. If your child has the physical talent, drive and mental toughness to perform in sports at a top level – that’s awesome and we are sure that you will find resources on the site that will help you in supporting your child’s goal. However, what I am focusing on as a parent, and Kidz Sports Hub is committed to as a company, is supporting parents, in providing their children the opportunity to live fuller, healthier, more active lives through staying physically active and participating in sports.

Kids Sports Hub’s mission is to provide parents  information, inspiration and innovations to assist them in encouraging and supporting their children in living fun, active, and healthy lives through sports participation and regular exercise. Other adults such as teachers, caregivers and extended family will also find Kidz Sports Hub useful in finding valuable resources regarding kids, exercise and sports.

We hope that you enjoy using the site and find it to be informative, engaging, fun, and easy to use. Please feel free to send us any of your ideas as to how we can improve upon the site.  We will continuously be adding additional features and content to the site, so be sure sign up for our e-mail updates.

We look forward to Kidz Sports Hub serving as a valued resource in helping you raise happy and healthy sporty kids!


Pam Nelson-Campbell (aka Coach Pam)

Co-Founder, Kidz Sports Hub


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