Sophia Khan leads a more sophisticated yoga class than many of the other options for children. This 25 minute class includes a warm up, breathing

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is a playful instructor who has made videos for kids and adults. Her Yoga PE classes offers a fun set of movements, poses, and

Appu Series

The Appu Channel on YouTube has a ton of educational videos. On the Yoga playlist, the animated characters are fun for little ones and it

Cosmic Kids

The Cosmic Kids instructor leading kids through basic yoga exercises. Fun and engaging with simple movements.  

Alo Gives

Alo Yoga offers a compilation of 63 short 5 minute yoga videos with kind instructors and plenty of child participants.

Yoga Ed

With over 30 yoga workouts specifically geared to kids, Yoga Ed can keep your kid immersed in yoga for quite a while. Each yoga routine

YMCA 360

YMCA 360 offers a wide variety of content  by excellent instructors in an engaging format for all ages. Yoga workout, soccer skill building ideas, fitness