Going to the Mat

Jace Newfield has a problem. Besides being blind and being the new kid at school, his problem is that the kids at his new school thinks he’s a jerk. Jace has to find a way to be accepted into his new school. Joining the wrestling team just might work.


Motocrossed is an inspiring Disney movie that takes you behind the scenes of the fast, furious, rough and tumble world of motorcycle motocross.  The main character, Andrea, is a fast motorcycle young girl racer who loves to race.  Join her and her family on a fun and wild ride as she races the fastest motocross […]

Double Teamed

Heather and Heidi are twins that play volleyball for their school team. So that the girls will have a better chance for scholarships, their family decides that they need to go to a bigger school. However, at the new school, the twins are discovered by the basketball coach. The movie is inspired by the true […]

The Rookie

Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid), father, teacher, and high school coach, thought his dream was over. He’d had his shot playing baseball, blew out his shoulder, and retired without ever making it to the big leagues. Then, in 1999, Coach Morris made a fateful bet with his perpetually losing team. If they won the district championship, […]

Full Court Miracle

Lamont Carr, an African American basketball star is forced out of the game after a serious knee injury. By chance he meets Alex, a young Jewish boy who plays for his academy’s team. Alex loves basketball, but the team are pretty hopeless and have never won a game. He manages to persuade Lamont to coach […]