Babies start throwing as early as 1 year old. It is a skill that a child can continually improve at each stage of their development. Getting good at throwing will give your child a skill that will enable him/her to have more fun and be more successful while playing on the playground. Also, throwing is an essential skill for many sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball and water polo. Enjoy the fun throwing activities.

Stage 1

Coordination when Tossing & Throwing

Tip: Step towards your target. If right-handed, step with your left foot. If left-handed, step with your right foot.

Indoor Shuffleboard

1. This game is best played on a slippery floor (non-carpeted floor).

2. Make 4 parallel lines on the ground with tape about a foot apart from each other.

3. Try sliding the beanbags as far past the first three lines as you can, without going past the fourth line. You get 1 point if your beanbag stops past the 1st line, 2 points if your beanbag stops past the 2nd line, and 3 points if your beanbag stops past the 3rd line but before touching the 4th line. If you touch or go past the 4th line, you get no points. Keep track of your points and see who gets 15 points first.

Bean Bag Toss

1. Use chalk to draw a target on the ground, or place a basket to use as a target.

2. Take turns tossing your beanbags towards the target.

3. Whomever gets closer to the target wins. You can create fun variations of this game by being creative and tossing the beanbags between your legs, or standing with your back to the target and throwing the beanbag backwards over your head, or throwing it with your non- dominant hand (i.e., your left hand, if you are right-handed and vice versa).

Stage 2

Throwing Coordination Continued

Your arm on the follow-through should be pointing towards the target.

Tip: Have an athletic stance. Bend your knees. Keep with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.

Bowling Game

What this Works On

How to Play 

1. Set up approximately 6 wooden blocks, boxes, tennis ball cans, or any other items as targets that will safely topple over when hit with a ball.

2. Choose a designated spot where the “bowler” will stand (it’s best to be at least a few feet away from the targets) and then using your hand, roll the ball along the ground towards the targets.

3. Count how many rolls it takes to knock down all the items.


Throw the ball in the air toward the targets and see how many attempts it takes you to knock all your targets down. Have fun arranging the targetsin creative structures. Try throwing or rolling the ball with your non-dominant hand (i.e., your left hand, if you are right-handed and vice versa). Try kicking the ball with your feet.

Quick Tip

Your front foot should step towards your target when throwing or rolling the ball. If you are right-handed, your left foot should step towards the target (your right foot, if you are left-handed). The follow-through of your hand should be toward your target. Following through toward your target will improve your accuracy.

Stage 3

Games to Encourage and Develop Throwing Skills

Tip: Watch the Fundamentals of Throwing Video to reinforce the rhyme, “Down By Your Side, Lift it Up High, Let it Fly.”