It is fun to be fast! And running can be fun! These games can make running and being fast even more fun and exciting. 

Stage 1

Fun Running Contests

These games can be played with toddlers, but we even use a variation of it with our high school-aged son when he works on his speed.

Road Runner Race

Beat the Ball

Stage 2

More Agility and Speed Games

Tip: Be sure to have a stopwatch or your phone handy – you can see how fast your child (and you) are!

Put your creativity hat on when setting up for these games. Kids have a ton of fun just designing these games.

Obstacle Course

Race Against the Clock

What this Works On

Speed, Agility, Body Awareness, Coordination


How to Play

Have fun creating exciting games to play by yourself or with your friends and your family. Time yourself and the other players, while playing. Here are some fun suggestions to get you started:

1. Set up a row of 3 or more cones in a straight line about 2-3 feet apart. 2. Use a soccer or basketball and dribble the ball in and out of the cones with your feet and hands, as applicable. 3. Use your stopwatch to see how fast you can dribble through the cones back and forth 3 times. See if you can beat your best time! 4. Now, try dribbling the ball only using one hand or one foot.


Water Play! Take two buckets and place them about 15 yards apart from each other. One bucket should be empty and the other bucket is full of water. Using a small paper or plastic cup, transfer all the water from one bucket to the other. Time how quickly you can do it and then repeat the game.

Sack Race! Get some old pillowcases, put both your feet in them, start hopping and have an old- fashioned sack race. Time yourself and your friends.

Races! Be creative and time yourself doing a lot of things. How many sit-ups can you do in 30 seconds? How long can you balance on one foot? How long does it take to dribble a basketball 100 times? How many successful basketball shots can you make in one minute? How fast can you run the 100-yard dash? Whatever the challenge, keep practicing and see if you can improve your results!

Stage 3

Quick Feet Needed!

Tip: Speed can be improved. Have a “Can Do” attitude!

Balloon Bombs

Ladder Speed Work

What this Works On

Agility, Balance, Body Awareness, Speed

How to Play

Draw a “ladder” on the ground with chalk. Each square should be about 1’ x 1’. Shown below are 4 different ways you can maneuver (running or jumping) through the ladder.


Dribble a basketball, while doing the drills. Toss a tennis ball up in the air and catch the ball, while doing the drills. Do the drills going backwards. Time yourself with your stopwatch and race a friend or family member to see who is the fastest!