Sock Mania


This is one of the simplest games to play, but a favorite. This is fun for just two players, but is also great for groups. Good outdoors and also good for rainy days when the kids are getting cabin fever. Start close together and toss the sock back and forth. After you are successful close together, gradually move farther away. See how far apart you can go and how many consecutive times you can catch.

What This Works On

Things You Need

A pair of adult’s socks. Take a pair of socks and fold the tube part of the sock over and then stuff the remainder of the sock inside.


Place a large bowl or bucket in each room of your home. Have the children stand in the doorway and take aim, trying to get their sock into the bowl. As each player scores, he progresses to the next room. The first person to complete the entire circuit is the winner.Use your baseball glove to catch the sock.Toss between your legs, behind your back, and backwards.Turn in a circle and try to catch the sock.


Your child should make his hands just a little bigger than the size of the object he is catching. Tell him to make his hands into a “bucket.”Explain that he should watch the ball for its entire flight – from the time it leaves his partner’s hand until it is in his hands.His hands, feet and glove need to be “smart.” His hands need to figure out quickly where to move so they are in the correct place to catch the sock.

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