This is a simple activity to set up. Tie the string to the wiffle ball. Then tie the string to a tree branch in your yard, to something in your garage or to a doorway in your home. The ball should hang a slightly below your child’s waist. Your child can use a tennis or badminton racquet, a baseball bat, a Frisbee, or even his hands and feet.

What This Works On

Things You Need

6-8 feet of string, Soft Ball (Wiffle Balls are the easiest), Hook


Count how many consecutive times your child makes contact with the ball.Pitch the ball (release the ball so it would swing towards him) and see if he can hit it. Try not to get 3 strikes.Try it with your non-dominant hand.


Encourage your child to always follow the ball with his eyes.Show your child to step towards the ball with the foot that is opposite the hand that is hitting the ball. So if your child is holding a tennis racquet in his right hand, then he should step towards the ball with his left foot.Your child should lean slightly forward and be well balanced. You want your child’s knees slightly bent and body in a strong position.

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