Roadrunner Race


Also known as the “spider drill.” Set up a basket or bucket as a center point. Place 5 balls in a circle 5-10 feet away from the center point. The object is to collect one ball at a time and bring it back to the center basket. With younger kids, you can call the center point the “den” and they have to collect their stuffed animals and bring them back to the den safely and quickly. Encourage your child to do this as rapidly as possible by timing him. Try to beat your fastest time.

What This Works On

Things You Need

Basket or bucket, 5 balls or stuffed animals, Stopwatch (or counting yourself)


Hop on 1 foot to pick up the balls.Walk on hands and feet to balls.Crab walk to balls (hands and feet on ground with stomach pointing to sky).


Before starting, determine what order you should pick up the balls to be the fastest.Notice whether it is faster to pick up the balls with the same hand that you use to put the ball in the bucket.

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