Race Against the Clock

Race Against the Clock


Get hold of a stopwatch (or a normal watch with a second hand), or use the timer on a cell phone. Have fun coming up with some exciting challenges and time yourself, your friends and your family. Here are some fun suggestions to get you started:
How quickly you can do a lap around the park, or run from one tree to another?
Race like burritos! Just stretch out like a burrito and roll, roll, roll to see who crosses the finish line first.
Try a skipping race – first one to the finish line, with or without a rope!
Make a course using cones or paper cups and race by weaving in and out.
Have a frog-hoppin’ race! Who can complete the distance first, by hopping like a frog?
Get some old pillow cases and have an old-fashioned sack race.

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Get two tubs. Fill one with water and put them at opposite ends of the garden. Using a small paper or plastic cup, how quickly can you transfer all the water from one tub to another and then challenge someone else to move it back again!Dribble a soccer ball around cones.Dribble a basketball up and down the court.Try doing any or all of the above – backwards!



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