Milk Container Catch

Milk Container Catch


Start by having your child hold the milk carton glove in her left hand (if she is right handed) with the opening facing upward and have her toss the ball under hand in an arc from her right hand into the carton. Gradually toss the ball higher and higher in the air. Once she is comfortable tossing and catching the ball by herself, then stand 2 feet across from each other and toss the ball back and forth to each other. Every time you get 5 in a row, take a step backwards. See how many times you can toss the ball back and forth in a row, and see how far away from each other you can get.

What This Works On

Things You Need

Plastic milk container (gallon size works best),Scissors, Catchable item such as a ball, Bean bag or a pair of socks


Run and pass the ball between players at the same time.Play catch with marshmallows instead of a ball or sock.


Encourage your child to always follow the ball with her eyes.Tell your child to have ”smart hands and smart feet” by moving the milk carton and her feet to where the ball is.

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