Builders and Destroyers

Builders and Destroyers


Set up 5-10 cones about 5 feet apart on a flat hard surface. Set up additional cones if you have more kids playing. Split the group into 2 even teams. Or just play one-on-one. One team is the Builders and the other team is the Destroyers. All players have to dribble the ball constantly. While dribbling, the Destroyers knock the cones over. The Builders dribble around picking up the cones. Continue this for a few minutes and rotate the teams so all kids get to be Destroyers and Builders.

What This Works On

Things You Need

Basketball or playground ball, A flat hard surface


Dribble only with your dominant hand, Then, dribble only with your non-dominant hand.


Dribble the ball low (below your waist). Try to keep your head up as you move from cone to cone.

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