First Grounders – Baseball

Have your child get on his/her knees. This helps your child use the correct body position when getting a ground ball. When you are on your knees it means that your hands have to be out in front of your body. This allows you to see the ball as it enters your glove. Keep score […]

Soft Ball Toss – Baseball

Have your child stand 5 feet away from you and play catch with a tennis ball and no glove. The goal of this drill is to build your child’s confidence. Too many people try to play catch from too far of a distance right away. Starting too far away from each other is counterproductive because […]

Base Running Basics – Baseball

Set four cones or t-shirts up in the pattern of bases on a baseball field (basically in a square). Designate the cones as home plate, first base, second base, and third base. The bases form a diamond or square, starting with home plate. Time your child running around the bases. Teach them how to run from […]

Target Practice – Baseball

Get a dozen or more tennis or baseballs and put them in a bucket. Make a target about 4 feet off the ground. Here are some ideas for targets: Attach a hula hoop to a fence or tie a helium balloon to a baseball tee. Use your imagination to come up with other fun targets. […]

Pop Fly Fun – Baseball

This is a fun game to work on catching fly balls. Getting your body in the correct position is very important when catching a ball in the outfield. Your child will need to wear a baseball helmet for this game. Start by standing 10 feet away from your child and throw a tennis ball up […]

Hanging Ball – Baseball

Tie a string on a wiffle ball and hang it from a tree. Sounds simple, but it is really fun and improves eye-hand coordination.

Milk Container Catch

Start by having your child hold the milk carton glove in her left hand (if she is right handed) with the opening facing upward and have her toss the ball under hand in an arc from her right hand into the carton. Gradually toss the ball higher and higher in the air. Once she is […]


This is a simple activity to set up. Tie the string to the wiffle ball. Then tie the string to a tree branch in your yard, to something in your garage or to a doorway in your home. The ball should hang a slightly below your child’s waist. Your child can use a tennis or […]