Jumping Rope

Step 1: Happy Feet Jump up and down in place without looking down (no rope) Stay on balls of feet, be light on your feet, bouncy Step 2: Rope Swing Keep hands on your side and swing rope on one side of body Jump when rope hits the ground Step 3: Toe Trap Starting to […]

Monkey in the Middle

Three players set up in a triangle and one player is in the middle. The 3 players in the triangle pass the ball around using only their feet (or hands). The player in the middle tries to get it. If he gets it, the passing player who made the error goes into the center.

Builders and Destroyers

Set up 5-10 cones about 5 feet apart on a flat hard surface. Set up additional cones if you have more kids playing. Split the group into 2 even teams. Or just play one-on-one. One team is the Builders and the other team is the Destroyers. All players have to dribble the ball constantly. While […]


Each player is given a “home” area in which they must create a building using cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. When players are in their “home” area, they can use one or more soft balls to try to knock down their opponent’s building. Each player can protect his building by blocking balls thrown by other […]

Presents Anytime

Select a few small toys and wrap them in tissue paper or wrapping paper. Talk with your baby about what you think it could be, what could be that size, and act excited that your baby gets to open it and see what it is. Encourage your baby to unwrap the toy and enjoy her […]

Mess for Sure

Sit on the floor with your child or have your child sit in high chair at the table. Fill one of the cups with cereal or gold fish. Demonstrate how you can pour the cereal from one cup to the other cup. Now let your child try. I like to have my son hold one […]

Magic Carpet Ride

Spread a blanket out on the ground (hardwood floors work the best). Have your baby sit upright on the blanket. You grab hold of a corner and pull her around, slowly at first. Speed up as her balance improves. This is a fun game for older siblings to help with.

Shoebox Fun

Take a shoebox and cut holes into the top of it. Find some small toys (not choking hazards) that will fit through the holes. Encourage your child to push the toys through the holes. Putting things into and taking things out of a container are popular activities for babies.

Where’s the Cracker?

Sit your child in his highchair. Place the 3 cups on the tray in front of your child. As your child watches, place a cracker underneath one of the cups. Move the cups around so your child has to watch the cups (and where the cracker goes). Let your baby find the cracker and applause […]

Milk Container Catch

Start by having your child hold the milk carton glove in her left hand (if she is right handed) with the opening facing upward and have her toss the ball under hand in an arc from her right hand into the carton. Gradually toss the ball higher and higher in the air. Once she is […]