Glute and Hamstring Workout

This well-rounded glute and hamstring workout lasts 20 minutes. It was posted on the USA Gymnastics Youtube Channel. This workout does not require any equipment so is a great workout to do at home!

Badminton World Shuttle Time

This youtube channel has a variety of videos with ideas of how to introduce your child to the sport of badminton, starting with using a balloon instead of a birdie.

US National Team Warm Up Routine

This warm-up is full of static and dynamic stretching. Three young men demonstate the workout that can be done in a limited space. The video is only 5 minutes in length, but the intended workout should take 10-20 minutes.

Anatomy of a Football

A football has a total of 32 pieces that are held together by 642 stitches.  Who thought something that looks so simple could be so complex!

Bats, Balls and Stitches

An average cricket ball has stitches somewhere in between 65 to 70 and a baseball has 108 stitches.

Why Your Golf Ball Isn’t Smooth

Fore!!!  An average golf ball has a total of 336 dimples. Dimples on a golf ball help reduce drag, allowing the ball to fly further than a ball without dimples.