Champion Advice

Champion Advice

Champions didn’t become champions overnight. These videos and articles offer advice from from a variety of athletes who have put in the work to become successful in their sports and in life. Enjoy enlightening stories, advice and lessons showcasing the hard work, mental toughness, dedication, perseverance, and desire that is necessary to succeed in sports and beyond!

Kobe Bryant – Mamba’s Amazing Motivational Speech

Kobe Bryant delivers a stirring motivational speech.

Moms of Olympians Teach Us About Raising Successful Athletes (and Parenting in General)

Wisdom from parents of superstar athletes. Moms share the “secrets” of success.

Raising Them to be Resilient – Wisdom from Parents of Superstars

Parents of Olympians share their advice.

Youth Sportsmanship Video

Fun quotes from past champions. Makes you want to be a good role model for your kids.

The Benefits of Competitive Sports

Mom of gymnastics gold medalist, Gabby Douglas, speaks about why sports was so beneficial for her daughter.

Summer Sanders – 4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Enjoy Sports

Summer Sanders, Olympic swimming star, gives advice all parents should follow.


The relationship between and parents and children can be tricky, even when highly competitive athletics is not involved. This article focuses on the important topic of how players perceive their parents’ love when it comes to sport’s performance.