Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports offers soccer camps for kids aged 3-17. The 5 day camps vary between an hour a day to two hours a day, depending on the age of the children. The curriculum is very well thought out. The Tiny Tykes program has, “story themed soccer, yoga activities, Lenny the Lion guest appearance, as well […]

Juggle Rally

This works on ball control, footwork, and balance. I find this game is not as easy as it looks. I even played a variation of this game when I practiced as a professional tennis player. I would stand about 6 feet from the net and juggle the ball once before hitting a volley back to […]

Jumping Rope

Step 1: Happy Feet Jump up and down in place without looking down (no rope) Stay on balls of feet, be light on your feet, bouncy Step 2: Rope Swing Keep hands on your side and swing rope on one side of body Jump when rope hits the ground Step 3: Toe Trap Starting to […]

Mini Tennis

Set up a “net” using a rope or ribbon between two chairs or by laying a ladder on its side. Have one person stand on either side of the net and using a racquet hit a balloon or a ball back and forth. Try to see how many times you can make the balloon go […]

Instant Rally Progression

Once you master this game you are going to be ready to play some “real tennis.” I have used a string tied between two chairs, a bench, and even pillows instead of a net. Remember to encourage your child to use the correct grip. Also remind your child to have “happy feet” while they are […]

Four Square

Based on a favorite playground game, this is surely a fun one to play. You definitely don’t need a net or a real tennis court for this game. I often played this with my older son and daughter, so we actually just played with three squares. When we first started playing we allowed for unlimited bounces […]

Follow the Leader – Soccer

Determine an area where you are going to play the game. The grownup “Monster” walks, jogs and runs around the area. The “Monster” should make sharp turns and change her speed which will challenge the child to speed up and change direction while dribbling.

Crab Soccer

Determine a starting line and a finish line about 20 feet apart. The child should begin at the starting line with a ball. The parent should start in the middle in the crab walking position (on their hands and feet, butt up off the ground). The child’s goal is to dribble from the starting line […]

First Grounders – Baseball

Have your child get on his/her knees. This helps your child use the correct body position when getting a ground ball. When you are on your knees it means that your hands have to be out in front of your body. This allows you to see the ball as it enters your glove. Keep score […]