SwimAble Kid

This virtual program is so parents/caregivers can teach their own children to swim. It is geared to kids 2-6 years old and beginners. They believe

Soft Ball Toss – Baseball

Have your child stand 5 feet away from you and play catch with a tennis ball and no glove. The goal of this drill is

Hanging Ball – Baseball

Tie a string on a wiffle ball and hang it from a tree. Sounds simple, but it is really fun and improves eye-hand coordination.

Magic Carpet Ride

Spread a blanket out on the ground (hardwood floors work the best). Have your baby sit upright on the blanket. You grab hold of a

Shoebox Fun

Take a shoebox and cut holes into the top of it. Find some small toys (not choking hazards) that will fit through the holes. Encourage

Where’s the Cracker?

Sit your child in his highchair. Place the 3 cups on the tray in front of your child. As your child watches, place a cracker

Punch Ball

Attach the string to the ball and hang the ball from a wall, a mobile, or a doorway. Hanging it over the car seat is

Rock’n Baby

Lay on your back on the floor. Lay your baby on your stomach and rock back and forth & side to side. Pop in a

1-2-3 Water Ski

Lay your child on her back on a soft and flat surface. Hold her hands and pull them towards her right. She will gradually roll